Signs of Leaks that Cause Water Damage

If you’re a homeowner, it’s important to be on the lookout for leaks. These leaks can happen in a different ways, and all of them are bad. They are bad because they cause water damage, and water damage can be very costly.

Some people try to fix it themselves – more power to them! However, I’d suggest being careful – the emotional trail left by water damage often leads us to try to fix it ourselves in an attempt to cut costs. But you better watch out, because if you don’t fix it right, the situation can get really terrible.

Signs of Water Damage

Once you notice the signs of leakage, such as a musty smell or a leak, it’s important to make a move as soon as possible. I’d say you should hire somebody, hopefully a water damage professional. Otherwise, your house may start to slowly, or quickly, decay.

water damage stain
Look familiar? I sure hope not!

Some of the causes of such dangerous leaks include water main breaks, leaky toilet tanks, or other kinds of drips. There are signs other than musty smells, and you should know these signs very well. These other signs include the following: mold, mildew, damaged paint, damaged wallpaper, damaged walls, damaged flooring, ceiling stains such as the one pictured above, and the aforementioned musty smell. Be on the watch for these signs. Also beware of leaky faucets, showerheads, garden hoses wreaking havoc, and other stuff that is very bad. You could even say it’s bad news bears, but I’d HATE to be the bearer of bad news!

So again, if you’re a homeowner, don’t let this happen to you! Maybe you should check out if that’s where you live. It may be costly but not as costly as inattention to detail, which, when it comes to leaks such as the ones I mention in this article, can mean permanent damage to your real estate investment. So invest in a proper repair, as that wouldn’t be worth it, having all the damage worsen due to neglect.
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